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Experience with us the joy of German design
on 1001 products made to order.

Made in Germany

Being a Berlin based Design Company we specialize in joining yesterday's and today's decorating style.

This section will lead you to all the products i.e. wallpapers, wallpaper borders, paper products and soon many more products made to order in Germany and shipped from there.
Explore the world of our individual products in the Countess of Berlin Onlineshop sorted by price, category, tags or colour... just as you wish.

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Made in USA

Thanks to todays technology we are now able to offer our splendid designs also to the american market.

Any product made to order you find here i.e. napkins, plates, placemats, tea towels, tiles and in the near future even wallpapers and fabrics are produced by american companies and shipped from there.
Enjoy the diversity of our design patterns and find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

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Crafts & Freebies

We put this collection of craft tutorials and neat little crafting posts from the web together for you.

So that you might find new ideas on sewing, knitting or crafting with the kids. In the sections Valentines Crafts, Easter Crafts, Halloween Crafts and Christmas Crafts you will be inspired to adorn your hollidays with self made gifts and decorations. Have fun and don't hesitate to contact us if you wish your posts to be published here.

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Manufacturing Times & Shipping

German Manufacturing Times

Fanfolders: 3 days | Greeting Cards: 24h
Paper Lanterns: 24h | Wallpapers: 10 days

Zazzle Manufacturing Times

- Between 24h and 14 business days

for more detailed informations click here and
scroll down to turnaround estimates.

Shipping Costs from Germany

Your shipping costs will be calculated according
to the total weight of your shopping cart. The complete sum will be shown on your checkout page.

Shipping to Germany

0kg+ = 3€ | 0.5kg+ = 5€ | 2kg+ = 10€ | 10kg+ = 15€ | 20kg+ = 25€

Shipping to the EU

0kg+ = 5€ | 0.5kg+ = 7€ | 1kg+ = 10€ | 2kg+ = 15€ | 5kg+ = 20€ | 10kg+ = 30€ | 20kg+ = 40€

Shipping to North America

0kg+ = 7€ | 0.5kg+ = 15.90€ | 1kg+ = 25€ | 2kg+ = 34€ | 5kg+ = 45€ | 10kg+ = 66€ | 20kg+ = 87€

Shipping Asia & Pacific | South America

0kg+ = 7€ | 0.5kg+ = 15.90€ | 1kg+ = 27.5€ | 2kg+ = 40€ | 5kg+ = 57€ | 10kg+ = 89€ | 20kg+ = 121€