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9 Great DIY Valentine’s Day Countdowns

By Wendy at AllCrafts.net

Why I Love You Pillow Tutorial

Create some family or marriage traditions with a Valentine’s Day Countdown. While some may say Valentine’s Day is a saccharine holiday, these tutorials show creative ways to add meaning and fun for your loved ones. Best part is that you make it yourself!

Why I Love You Pillow Tutorial

Each day, slip a sweet note into the pocket of this Why I Love You Pillow

Countdown to Kisses

Countdown with Chocolate Kisses

Use a Silhouette cutting machine to cut letters or buy store-bought letters to make this custom-made chocolate kisses holder to Countdown to Kisses this Valentine’s Day.

Felt Heart Valentines Countdown

Nice Family Tradition

Sew a sweet Felt Valentine’s Heart Countdown. Fill the pockets with sweets or notes.

Circle Kisses Valentine Countdown

One for the Boys

Just print and attach candy with glue dots to this Circles Valentine Countdown. Choose a pink or neutral version.


Adorable Printables

Fourteen Days of Valentines with fun printable tags and cute gift ideas for our Dear Husbands.

Scratch-Off Countdown

Homemade Scratch-offs

Uncover a fun activity each day with this Scratch-Off Valentine’s Countdown. Never made homemade scratch-offs? Try it – they’re fun.

Buttoned-Up Valentine Calendar

Perfect for Little Kids

Little ones can practice their fine motor skills while counting down with this Buttoned-Up Valentine’s Countdown. Make it on your sewing machine or sew it by hand.


So Simple and Pretty

The whole family will treasure this Valentine Calendar Tree. This year, everyone can help make the clay heart ornaments.

14 Days of Love

A Kind Act Everyday

Pick a different activity each day from this 14 Acts of Love Bouquet. So many ways to show kindness to others!

Find these and more Valentine’s Crafts to enjoy together while creating fun memories for your family and friends.

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